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My Journey as an Artist

My Journey as an Artist

We are all born...then we go through conditioning. We are taught to live in a certain way. Slowly we get bound by beautiful frills of life. We live blindly thinking this is it, but somewhere deep down, I knew this was not the true life. It s all made up of conveniences. Once I realized this, I surrendered. I found there is another realm of existence from where life is being guided. In surrender, there is no longer any fight and struggle within…life simply flows...

Being an artist has been a truly liberating experience. Much is achieved when I live in silence. My work is a journey in search of my own self. It is the experience of space, color, expanse and movement, through which I travel into this mystical world. My work is geared towards a silent inner communication.

My journey as an artist has been a progression from detailed realism to'Essence-ia/ism'. For me, creativity is an exploration within my inner being, where intuitiveness and spontaneity takes me beyond the limits of my thinking-mind into no-mind. I aspire to find peace, quiet and harmony through my work.

All creations are born from Nothingness and leads into Nothingness. The process of creation gives me the joy and insight into the realm of eternity. I feel blessed being a participant in this eternal drama of knowing this Nothingness. My desire to translate my intense experiences of life into the empty space of a can\/as is the driving force. I aspire to feel the limitlessness of the immaterial through the limits of the material. The process of painting itself inspires and rejuvenates me.

I enjoy the visual phenomenon of nature, the cosmic play of birth and growth, light and darkness, the patterns and repetitions created by nature. My intrinsic relationship with music takes me deep into the world of resonance, abstraction and meditation which reflects in my work.

I am a witness to the Source from where all of my creative expression flows. It is a continuous movement which gives shape to my various creations. It seems there is no beginning and no end to this flow. Each work is just a fraction of the continuity of this movement.

I do not pre- conceive or prepare for the purpose of painting. I just do it because I have to do it. It is an inner compulsion which flows from inside-out. Sitting in silence before a blank canvas, I contemplate. Intuitively, I start applying pigment layer by layer, merging one tone with the other, one color with the other...playing with the structural formation...and suddenly I realize that there is nothing more to it. The work completes by itself. Just a flicker can reveal mysteries. One dot, one line says so much to me that the message gets disturbed if I try to expand or do something more to it. Sometimes just the color takes me towards deeper plunges. I can wander to different realms just sitting in front of a color. It becomes an end in itself. Whenever I go wrong in my work, I take it as a blessing because it motivates me to change and create something new.

Painting gives me total freedom but this freedom implies a lot of discipline, poise, focus, clarity and perseverance. I have used the experience of contraction and expansion in numerous ways in my work and life. I try my best to shed away all that is unnecessary and come to the minimum in expression. I have realized that the truth of simplicity and the use of the minimum is enough to achieve the maximum. And this is my essence...

Complete devotion and surrender is required for my kind of work. This surrender is the force which guides me. It becomes easy to create and the work moves harmoniously as /am not the doer. This method of work leaves me happy. In exploration I do not know what I will find and thus it is always a revelation.

Starting work from the centre and moving towards the periphery is an unending process. I feel the centre is the place of refuge for peace and quiet. It takes me within and that is where I would like to rest.

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