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My Inspirations

My Inspirations

Nature, Color, Light, Play of Light, Subtle touch, Rain, Bubbles, Breeze, rightness, Depth, Warmth, Plants, Trees, Wind, Flowers, Freshness, Silence, Contrast, Subtle contrast, Optical, Strength, Spirals, Concentric form, Softness, Quietness, Peace, Glow, Design, Blend, Transformation, Space, Sky, Expanse, Void, Nothingness, Rhythm, Regularity, Pattern, Geometry, Repetition, Order, Discipline, Expansion, Water, Waves, Diving, Movement, Rotation, Race, Transparency, Vibrations, Glitter, Growth, Birth, Music, Parallels, Accuracy, Cleanliness, Resonance, Pollens, Solitude, Aloneness

The spirals and concentric circles have helped me find focus. I have used the experiences of contraction and expansion in numerous ways in my work and life. The use of minimal elements has been achieved by eliminating that which does not fulfill any purpose. The optical feeling is achieved by the application of soft contrasts of opposites

Color for me is not merely a visual element, but a symbolic means for the interpretation of my experiences. Sometimes, just the color takes me towards deeper plunges. I can wander to different realms just sitting in front of a color on the canvas. It does not need any formation; it becomes an end in itself. Applying concentrated color specks through a flicker on the surface creates a blend, giving the impression of resonance and vibration. Starting work from the centre and moving towards the periphery is an unending process which does not stop. Yet, I feel that the centre here is the place of refuge, peace and quiet. It takes me within and that is where I would like to rest.

Using all the five senses which I have received by the Grace, I experience pleasure and pain which get embedded in the recesses of my being. Once I had sensed the presence of a bluish light which had spread everywhere; it had engulfed the entire expanse of my being. The experience empowered me immensely and became the source of my happiness, strength and creation. Experiences, such as the one mentioned above, become the storehouse from where to choose, pick up and rearrange with the help of self acquired techniques. When I sit and concentrate before a blank canvas, the experiences start revealing themselves. Intuitively, I start applying pigment layer by layer. Merging one tone with the other, one color with another, playing with the structural formation, I suddenly realize that there is nothing more to it. The canvases surprise me because there is no preconceived picture. Just a flicker can reveal such mysteries. A line, a dot, a tone can be an end in itself. It speaks volumes to me so that the message gets disturbed if I try to expand or do something else to it. I have realized through my work that small is big, little is more and the minimum has the maximum impact.

My whole work is an endeavor, an aspiration to find oneness with the universe. It is a search for peace, quiet and harmony with existence. The cosmic vibrations, pulsations, continuity and movement, all these are part of a never-ending nature of existence. Nothing stops and yet we aspire for a resting place. I have realized that there is a resting centre around which the cosmic existence moves, this centre is the seat of our awareness.  My work is a spontaneous reflection of this realization.

The list below sights the essential attributes of my artwork.

Mystical | Musical | Rhythmic | Vibrating | Pulsating | Pure | Soothing | Soft | Passionate | Calming | Resonating | Focused | Subtle | Peaceful | Glowing | Serene | Continuous | Minimal | Basic | Potent | Intuitive | Flowing | Meditative

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