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For Edge of Infinity...

For Edge of Infinity...

Painting is a vocation which gives me total freedom but this freedom implies a lot of discipline, poise, focus, clarity and perseverance. The discipline of observation that started way back in childhood became a string connecting me to essentialism through realism. This link is the cornerstone of all my work.

My work is geared towards silent internal communication; hence words are not my language. My art is the journey of my inner being in search of my own self. It is simply the experiences of space, expanse, color and movement through which I travel into this mystical world which takes me beyond the limits of my thinking mind into no-mind.

I do not premeditate or prepare for the purpose of painting. I just do it because I am urged to. It is a drive, a force, a compulsion and a flow which oozes from inside-out. It is an ongoing continuous movement which gives shape to my various creations. It seems there is no beginning and no end to this kind of movement. Each work is just a fraction in the continuity of existence. All creation is born from Nothingness and ends in Nothingness. The process of creation gives me the joy, an insight into the realm of eternity and I feel blessed to be a participant in this eternal drama of knowing this Nothingness.

The desire to translate unlimited experiences of life into the material space of the canvas is the motivation behind my work. I want to feel the immaterial through the limits of the material. My method of working is intuitive and spontaneous- standing before a blank canvas, applying pigment layer by layer and merging one color with the other. The process itself is self-inspiring and rejuvenating.

In addition to this, I derive inspiration from various sources like the play of light on various surfaces, rain, bubbles, plants, trees, structures – their color and freshness, waves, clouds, the sky, the wind, the breeze and the movement of water in oceans and rivers.  Nature, the expanse and the sound of music take me beyond physical existence.

The plunge into classical music, listening as well as practicing, takes me deep into the world of rhythm, repetition, vibration, resonance, abstraction and meditation as is reflected in my work. My interest in design, pattern, parallelism, geometry, accuracy and perfection helps me create.

All these inspirations (detailed list given below) are transferred into my work because of my love for solitude, aloneness and contemplation. Ultimately, it is the Grace which is the driving source of all my work without which it would not be possible to achieve anything.

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